Find out exactly why Why Shopify DropShipping Is Dying In 2018.

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In this video I tell Why Shopify Drop Shipping Is Dying In 2018 And How To Adapt To Save Yourself.

With so many people getting into shopify and drop shipping it’s become a pretty competitive market.

With so many people selling the same items and using the same strategy to make money with the drop shipping method.

It’s starting to become way to over saturated and with it’s becoming really scary for those people who have their full time incomes invested into this business model.

But I show you exactly how you can adapt to change and save yourself before the inevitable Facebook ads and ali express apocalypse of 2018, ir 2019 who really knows

But with the normal consumer waking up and realizing that the products they’ve been ordering are coming from some cheap warehouse in china and taking 2-4 week minimum to get products delivered.

People are moving back to the safety and consistency of sites like Amazon for all of their consumer and buying needs.

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