Why Drop Shipping with No Money Sucks!

Drop Shipping is a very popular business model, whereby somebody sets up an online e-commerce store but doesn’t actually hold any products in stock.

This is great for working remotely and online as you can manage your store from anywhere.

Instead, the drop shipper acts as an intermediary between the customer and the product manufacturer or distributor.

Drop Shipping has become a popular business model over the past decade and entrepreneurs are still exploiting this opportunity today.

With the internet and online marketing ever evolving, Drop Shipping has become more challenging than ever and today requires significantly more effort and resources than it did a few years back.

In this video, I discuss why I think Drop Shipping is a bad idea for first time entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs on a budget.

I also discuss why drop shipping is a viable business model and who should pursure this type of online business.

I know there are many of you who are starting Drop Shipping stores so let’s start a discussion in the comments below.

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